Originally formed as a cover tune band in 1985, Harlet began writing original music in 1986 when Todd Michael Hall (vocals) and Glenn Kirkland (guitar) joined forces with original Harlet members Jon David (bass) and Steve Eckstorm (drums). This line-up recorded a five song EP recording entitled Virgin

Wings, which was released in early 1987.

That was the beginning.  Their fervent fan base has not yet let them retire.

Building up their base of original material, the band entered the studio to record a full length CD in the fall of 1987 with new guitar player, Tommy Botsford. The nine song CD and cassette, 25 Gets a Ride, was released in early 1988.


From 1987 through 1990, Harlet continued to play out on a regular basis doing a concert set of strictly original material. Jim Pagel joined Harlet as guitar player in 1990.  In addition to locally promoted concerts and benefit shows, Harlet also scorched the nightclubs of Detroit, Flint, Muskegon, and Grand Rapids.


Tod Walraven joined Harlet on guitar in 1991 at a time when the band started learning cover tunes as a way to increase the frequency of their shows and to build up their following in their mid-Michigan hometown area of Saginaw. 


By 1994, the band moved from cover tunes and gathered their hottest original material written over a prolific creative blast and one last recording session.  Fueled by an unrelenting fan base and and their own explosive enthusiasm for their music,  Todd, Jon, and Tod, joined by drummer Doug Julian, have now reformed Harlet as a cover tune band playing the 80's biggest, tastiest metal songs in the hottest clubs in the Midwest.  

You like your metal hot?  Here it is, hot, heavy...Harlet.

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